[ Design, Styling & Art Consultation ]

+ Art Consultations 
While designing we will keep our eyes peeled for the perfect piece of artwork for your space. It could be a painting, a rare plant, a piece of sculpture or the perfect textile, often it is something you overlook that you already own.

+ DeCluttering & RE-Design
We hear when finished: "Now we want to live here"" or "Why didn't we do this before?". If only everyone had time to step back and re-org their home. It's hard to see through your own belongings, active life and general disarray of stuff. Re-Organizing is much easier with someone else to see objectively and give you a punchlist. After a few days - even my clients get the hang of it. It just takes a little lift to make change 'underwhelming'.

+ Interior/Exterior Plant Scapes & Greenery Maintenance
Specialities: Herb Scapes * Front Entrances * Containers * Seasonal Changes * Special Occasions
We will aid in the choices & maintenance of greenery to enhance art & furnishings and breath life into any space.

+ Initial Room by Room Evaluation  
We will map your space and take inventory - what needs to stay & what needs to go (decluttering) while providing costs, strategy and target schedule in order to make smooth all transitions and changes.

+ Valuation and Preparation of Collections
Let's take a deeper look and find true values of some of your belongings. This is the perfect time to let it go. There are lots of places to auction your valuables and extraneous belongings. We can direct you to trusted sellers or prepare for auction.

+ RE-Design, Staging & UpStyling Your Home
Staging happens after Valuation of Collections process, after a plan of where your unwanted belongings ultimately reside. Prior to transitioning your space or putting your home on the market, we'll plan a sustainable approach, using what you already own. Full Staging can take place in empty spaces or new homes. When we are finished, your home will have the perfect balance of dream-ability & livability, appealing from doorstep through to every room.

+ Virtual Staging, UpStyling & Design for Larger Estates
Helping you to transition after an in person Room by Room Evaluation, using digital concept boards & photos, we can actualize each room before moving furniture around your space.  We will work together virtually - to imagine designs and initialize a plan of action.


Servicing - Boston - Metro West.