About Dawn Palmer

As a consultant, Dawn has helped people experience design and the many benefits visual design has on livable, functional, products & curated spaces. While an active art consultant, she continues to create her own work. She has spent the better part of her life studying art & design while bringing it back to practical practice that aids in all demographics.

Working in corporate & private sectors she has honed an understanding of art & design, with an "everything in moderation approach". A keen eye enables her to implement designs sustainably - she utilizes pre-existing objects in order to "pare down" one object to highlight the richness & simplicity in another. Having studied human factors & user experience design, she went on to aid in the design of products in both creative and R&D departments. Helping walk people through thought processes and usability of products within the information architecture framework, she translates this approach helping people to see the potential of working spaces and results that ultimately feel like home.

"It pleases me to assist anyone to re-envision their space or collections which are personal extensions of their being. I am a big advocate for light, small gardens, and bringing nature indoors. The obsessive gardener in me always considers low maintenance greenery, "indoor/outdoor plant scapes" that enhance choices of art & furnishings and breath life into any livable space"


"Dawn is someone you call when you want something done and need to know it will be done with creative energy and attention to detail. She is a wonderful artist and has tremendous knowledge of the world of art, but her best quality is her delightful demeanor. A day that is lucky enough to have some Dawn in it, is a wonderful day!" She would be an asset to any place lucky enough to get her."

"Her talent is not only measurable in the output she delivers, but in the way she does it. She always keeps you at ease, whilst juggling stressful situations. She always has a solution, when others bring up the complaints or problems or concerns. And most of all – she is an absolutely joy to work with and gets the job done!"